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After working as a researcher (short time, PhD program on immunology), a clinical pathologist (some time), an anatomical pathologist (long time, around twenty years), and pathologists’ assistant (more than five years), I found my most productive niche as a grossing technologist at the Department of Pathology Loyola University Chicago Medical Center. Here I had an opportunity to summarize my pathology experience, formulate some principles of grossing technology, and propose some “inventions”, namely gadgets, which might be useful in practice.  Actually, most of my “revelations” may already existed, but either there was no information published about them  or they had been forgotten.

A fledgling sub-specialty emerges in the surgical pathology laboratory when grossing is assigned to laboratory workers, most often histotechnologists, who do not have systematic pathology education as well as the skills to perform this initial stage of processing, crucial to a pathologist’s diagnosis. Right or wrong, this is a fact of life. In my publications and workshops (Publications in the USA, see below), I have relentlessly promoted grossing technology as a sub-specialty that extends beyond specimen sampling techniques, but includes many aspects of the initial phase specimen processing before histotechnology begins per se.

New technologies have brought grossing technology, the initial stage of specimen processing, additional challenges from microdissection for molecular technology to standardization for Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) digital pathology. Adequate specimen preservation and appropriate orientation for optimal diagnostic results during sampling become especially important for modern and future anatomic pathology laboratories.  This is a still-uncharted territory of grossing technology that requires attention and development.

The website opens opportunities to express my own views without sensing a reviewer’s disapproving eye . My web home is my castle as the old British might have said if they had known the Internet.

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Publications in the USA

Publications on grossing technology and beyond 

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Gross pathology is usually defined as macroscopic appearance of diseases in surgical pathology and autopsy. From the old days of medicine, it has been the bedrock of anatomic pathology. It is breathtaking how far science, medicine, and pathology went away from gross appearances by diving deep into molecular and sub-molecular analysis. The enormous amount of new scientific and clinical data beg for comprehensive approaches and interpretation. Where is the distinction between normal physiology and pathology, disease and function disorders? When is the event an accidental occurrence or a pathology pattern? What is the balance between the cause and condition in pathology?

The Gross Pathology website intends to address basic pathology issues from the host’s perspective as an experimental researcher, clinical and anatomic pathologist, pathologists’ assistant and grossing technologist. An evolutionary approach could contribute to better understanding of pathology issues. The website also will return to concepts partially or completely forgotten which were at the foundation of modern pathology. One of them is the concept of functional pathology.

The predecessor of the Gross Pathology website was our Grossing Technology in Surgical Pathology website which had been quite popular during more than a decade. The Gross Pathology website will maintain only a fraction of previous website. A separate section “Laboratory website” addresses some details of maintaining a sustainable educational laboratory niche website. Our previous Grossing Technology in Surgical Pathology website has been taken as an example. Although the development of an educational website follows the building pattern of a regular informative website, a laboratory educational website has some particularities.

Our book Grossing Technology. A Guide for Biopsies and Small Specimens (Amazon. com)  introduces general principles of grossing technology and their application in histology laboratory practice. It encompasses all activities in the surgical pathology histology laboratory during the pre-analytical stage of specimen processing. The Special part of the book concentrates on technical details of grossing predominately biopsies and small (“routine”) specimens. The book accumulates the experiences of a variety of histology laboratories, from academic institutions to large commercial and small standalone laboratories. The materials can be used for grossing technologists training programs.

Materials on bone grossing are in more details in our book Grossing Bones: Principles, Techniques, and Instruments available now on This book is my favorite because it includes many my technical “revelations.” I updated the book in an ebook form.

The  published Skin Grossing in Histology Laboratories book,  available now on, summarizes skin grossing technology of most frequent grossing situations  with additional chapters on more complicated skin specimens.

 Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) coding  is presented in a summarized form in the book Procedural Coding in Anatomic Pathology  ( This book is the most popular among all my books. Perhaps, it clarifies complicated CPT coding issues in simple graphic form. When the book has been purchased as a package of 10, probably it was for educational purpose.  Amazon does not disclose the purchaser.

During COVID-19 pandemic, I have summarized by experience as a infectious disease epidemiologist, experimental immunologist, and anatomical pathology practitioner in two books: Black Swan’s Questions for Covid-19 and Protective Mask, published on Kindle Direct. While digestion the Covid-19 handling experience, these books are focused on rational approaches to viruses epidemics in the future.

The prices for my books are minimal allowed by I am interested in the dissemination of my experience.

The domain of the  “Grossing  Technology in Surgical Pathology” website is intentionally left the same with the hope that the previous website’s friends will return to explore new avenues beyond practical utility applications in grossing technology. Comments and suggestions are highly welcomed

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