Lungs infection and lipid metabolism

With many apologies for the intrusion in the internal medicine realm, a reminiscence from my PhD program old days. This is somehow related to COVID-19 outbreak. It is obvious that the main problem is lung damage due to virus itself or a bacterial pneumonia which is followed.

My teacher, professor L. R. Perelman, an extraordinary pathophysiologist, always repeated that lungs are one of the main lipid metabolism places. Chylomicron’s catabolism plays a significant role in activation of alveolar macrophages and the phospholipids synthesis of the pulmonary surfactant. He insisted that diets that are rich in fat are advised in lung infection. The folks medicine used bear or dog lard for tuberculosis treatment. And indigenous Arctic circle people’s diet is rich in fat.

Perhaps, this is well known to the internists in charge for treatment. Again, my apology for these remarks on the subject that is not area of my expertise.

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