Eulogy for Handshake

We will not return to shaking hands. ”                                      

-Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Handshake has become the first victim of COVID-19 epidemic. A harbinger of social distancing.

There are reasons to abolish a handshake.  Ancient- since the 5th century B.C. as evidence that the hand holds no weapon. Sexists – women shake hands only in business. Patronizing and old-fashioned when business was done by a handshake of trust. And many other sins of human civilization. Japanese people are lucky because they do not have the handshake tradition. Unfortunately, the handshake cannot be replaced by nose greetings due to COVID-19. President Obama would not receive now a Maori hongi in New Zealand.   

A start up lumber company is advertising online sterile disposable 6 feet sticks for stickshakes. Perhaps, this is just a rumor. Rumors are not rarity now.  The Center Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Dr. Fauci are distributing contradictory statements which sometimes sound like rumors.

This eulogy precedes social distancing discussion. The notion of social distancing can compete only with wash your hands mantra as the main prophylactic tool in COVID-19 epidemic. While manufacturers of soap and other cleaning reagents are beneficiaries of the personal hygiene recent discovery, there are rumors that in the guise of common-sense epidemiology, social distancing can be used for political purposes and economy calamity. Of course, nobody would believe in such nefarious intentions.

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  1. Clifford Chapman says:

    Very interesting and informative, as was the article on 6 feet social distancing. You are correct: it is up to CDC to perform/ get a lab to perform scientific studies upon which to base their recommendations.

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