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 The National Society for Histotechnology has made significant progress in the implementation of its Internet presence. The NSH’s website has been radically redesigned. The posts of the “Under the Microscope section provide information to broaden knowledge in related areas. A convenient electronic format of “In Action” has been developed. However, a fundamental feature of World Wide Web (www.), namely niche websites, has not been explored by NSH. With cloud computing, these websites can serve as a direct source of educational information in histotechnology.

This proposal focuses on the development of portal cloud of NSH methodology websites by using NSH as the host.  NSH- hosted vertical information portal can provide personalized applications of niche websites (portlets) and even blogs. The portal would be a source of every day referencing additionally to seminars, workshops, and the convention meetings. While Apple’s iCloud has many applications, the “iCloud” of the NSH can be limited to niche methodology websites developed by individuals or groups under the auspices of NSH. In other words, the portal includes a set of websites each with specific orientation such as Processing, Staining, Immunohistochemistry, Grossing, Safety, etc. Since security is far from being a significant issue, quit the opposite, the portal would be interested in a broad range of visitors; therefore a NSH membership could confer automatic access to these websites, and other visitors would be required to open an account for accesses., but other visitors would open an account. The portal architecture should be developed by a computer professional.

Since 2002, my website “Grossing Technology in Surgical Pathology” (www. has provided a wide range of content in surgical pathology grossing and related areas. It is a very popular website with high volume traffic. However, the main targeted audience, such as histotechnologists, remains largely unaware of this website.

The proposal for the portal for methodology websites was first conceived in 2005, during my presentation to the NSH Board of Directors in Fort Lauderdale. However, at that time niche websites were not commonplace, my website was a work in progress, and my presentation was not adequately coherent.

This proposal can be likened to crystal growth in an oversaturated solution. Websites can be customized using different templates according to the subject. Undoubtedly, there are individual “closeted” websites that go unnoticed amongst the numerous websites and blogs, including presenters at NSH seminars and those who participate on the HistoNet discussion group. New technologies made the establishment of a niche website considerably easier than before. The sustained members, as well as Professional Development Partners would appreciate their presence at specific niche websites of the NSH portal. They may be able to provide some technical support for these websites.

If the proposal were considered reasonable at the NSH Board of Directors meeting in Vancouver, the following actions would be appropriate:

1. The establishment of a working group for the implementation of the project.

2. An appeal to individual or collective methodology niche websites at the meeting of the House of Delegates.

3. Publication of the summary of this project in the NSH press.

4. A link to the website “Grossing Technology in Surgical Pathology” (www. might be provided at the NSH website, as an example.

This proposal was sent to NSH Board of Directors at Annual Convention in Vancouver on September 27, 2012.









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