The Grossing Technique for a Mandible Bone

The resected mandible bone is a technically challenging specimen, especially if there is an attached tumor. The main difficulty is in presenting relationship between the bone and the soft tissue.

These remarks are intended to describe details of the processing of a mandible as an example of grossing of a complicated bone specimen. The same principles apply to a lung tumor and ribs, a soft tissue tumor of extremities, a brain tumor and the skull, etc. although texture of the bone is different. The maxillary bone has some substantial particularities in the grossing technique due to the fragility of the bones. The interaction of tools and technique is the main issue of these remarks.

The grossing technique for a mandible bone is described in our book Grossing Bones: Principles, Techniques, and Instruments ( in detail.






Thanks to Dr. Stephen G. Marshall, D.D.S., Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for valuable advice.


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