Syringe-Catheter in Anatomical Pathology


Syringe-Catheter in Anatomical Pathology

 A syringe (10 cc to 20 cc) with an attached plastic catheter of different size and shape, including a phlebotomy “butterfly”, can be used in surgical pathology for various kinds of inflation or injection, for example in working with lungs. It can be used for injecting dye into monoamniotic placentas to determine anastomoses. A curve nose syringe, Monoject 412 type, can be used for inflation when the amount of injected fluid does not matter.
A syringe-catheter can also be used to measure the amount of fluid in cavities during infant and stillborn autopsies. Such measurements are especially significant in the pericardium when the suctioning with a standard needle syringe is unreliable, inconvenient or even impossible.
The shape, diameter and length of the catheter depend on the anatomical situation. The connection of the catheter to the syringe is secured by immersion in melted paraffin. A good idea would be to have a stock of variety of syringe-catheter combinations on hand.

syringe catheter


A different variant for higher pressure infusions



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