CutMATE Grossing Forceps

The thickness of tissue section placed in the cassette is important for a standard processing, but obviously crucial for microwave-based methods. There are many attempts to standardize the thickness of tissue sections. One of them is offered by MILESONE MEDICAL’s CutMATE Grossing Forceps.



The forceps was tested during grossing biopsies, including skin excision, as well as while grossing large organs as placenta, lung, liver, spleen, etc. The material was either fresh, or after formalin fixation. There was used 6259 Catalog forceps for 2, 3, 4 mm tissue blocks.

The forceps appears useful while cutting soft parenchimatous tissue, like lung when it is difficult to make uniform sections. The forceps is useful also for cutting tubular structures as umbilical cord or appendix. For obvious reasons, the cut is especially effective if the tissue is preliminary fixated. Autopsy trimming is also more effective because the material is already after fixation.

The five tines forceps is effective for thinning soft tissue although the forceps is not designed for this purpose. The wide textured prongs provide firm, but gentle grasp of the tissue, especially in fresh state. The angled handle is an ergonomic advantage.

Although the CutMATE forceps does not solve completely the problems of cutting tissue sections at any preset width, especially in biopsies, it is useful to have this instrument on the grossing table.




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