Cafeteria Tray as a Cutting Board


I would like to promote a cafeteria tray as a cutting board in surgical pathology, if rubber pads are glued to the tray’s surface. The size of the pad can vary from 10” x 5” to 15” x 10”. Vinyl floor tiles are less suitable.
Although the industry manufactures a variety of cutting boards, the cafeteria tray cutting board has some advantages over the others. The tray has elevated borders that prevent blood or other liquids from soiling the dissection table. A standard cafeteria tray fits the grossing station’s sinks (Shandon-Lipshow and Mopec). A cafeteria tray- like cutting board allow the technologist to keep a specimen off the grossing table if required for some reasons (carrying to the photo stand, waiting for the pathologist’s consultation, applying the Bouin’s solution when the specimen is inked, etc.).
I have used my own version cafeteria tray cutting boards for many years. I have also seen cutting boards with glued rubber pads in other facilities. Perhaps, it is time for manufacturers to begin producing similar cutting boards completely fit the standard grossing stations.


The tray is covered with a sheet of laboratory paper


Easy to clean


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