Bone Grossing Table (BGT)

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The concept of the Bone Grossing Table includes:

1. Stand- alone grossing station for complete processing cycle from sampling to decalcification;

2. Permanent and adjustable immobilization devices and cutting instruments;

3. Efficient exhaust of bone dust, aerosols, and chemicals for fixation and decalcification;

4. Simple construction with maximal accessibility for cleaning all areas, including under the station, to prevent contamination with bone dust and bloody bone/tissue fragments of the working place and the laboratory.

TBJ Incorporated (www. developed a Bone Grossing Table (BGT) which was demonstrated at 34th National Society for Histotechnology (NSH) Convention in 2008 (1). The TBJ Incorporated website (www. presents it at the link Backdraft Workstations – Single User Necroscopy/ Grossing Stations 30-72-S BD-BGT Bone Grossing Table.

Figure 1 demonstrates TBJ’s Bone Grossing Table. It looks as a regular grossing dissection station at the first sight . It is Simple, Effective, and Affordable.

Figure 1. TBJ Inc. Bone Grossing Table

What does make Bone Grossing Table different from other grossing stations?

A/ Large working space (82” wide x 36” deep). The variety of tools and gadgets, which often require simultaneous use, need much more space. Some of the equipment can be fixed to the table’s working surface with periodical removal for cleaning purposes.

B/ Intensive backdraft ventilation with high vertical direct flow of the aerosol loaded bone dust, because the bone specimens placed on the immobilization devices are usually higher than other specimens. The station is equipped with much higher for 4” than usual removable perforated exhaust panels with dust/particle filter, adjustable damper for increasing/decreasing, if desired, airflow with magnehelic velocity indicator.

C/ Work surface enforced by solid stainless steel (Type 316 , 14 gauge with #4 finish) for heavy duty equipment.

D/ Additional space for decalcification. Decalcification process is the grossing person’s responsibility owing to better knowledge of the case issues by the grossing person. Decalcification at the grossing stations improves monitoring the end-point, the very important part of the process.

E/ Customized additional working space (hinged fold-down shelf extension, detachable side shelf, recessed perforated plates to cover temporally the sink’s surface);

F/ Convenient storage for diversified immobilization devices and cutting instruments.

G/ Equipped with utilities (electric, water) that are located conveniently on the table for easy access (i.e. electrical outlet located to accommodate bone saw usage), because during the sampling should be easy access to outlets and water supply.

H/ All surfaces are open to cleaning with no pockets of dirt collection. The floor under the station is accessible for easy cleaning and mopping.

Table 1. Distinctive features of Bone Grossing Table


Specification Feature Advantage
Grossing table top Large working space (82” long x 36” wide) Multiple instruments and immobilization gadgets for bone   grossing manipulations
Surface Enforced by solid stainless steel Support heavy duty equipment and intensive mechanical work
Hinged fall- down shelves extension Additional work space For instruments and gadgets on hand
Ventilation Intensive backdraft with high removable perforated exhaust   panels Direct flow of aerosol loaded bone dust
Simple design of construction All open surfaces on the table and beneath Effective cleaning of blood, bone and soft tissue   fragments

Institutions with high volume of bone specimen material, such as head and neck surgery or orthopedic oncology, need a variety of grossing techniques and appropriate equipment, as well as certain conditions for grossing. But even if the bone grossing material is limited to femoral heads and tibia plateaus, there is an additional advantage to have such station. Its dual use for bulky specimens and amputated extremities can be attractive for every day practice. Everyone knows what happens in the gross room when odorous bowel and other similar specimens are handled. A working space with additional ventilation is indispensible in this situation. The BGT can be used also as gross photo stand for oversized specimens through the webcam or standard camera. The dual use of BGT is attractive for large and small laboratories.

Depending on local conditions, the station can be equipped with a portative microwave oven for decalcification. The practical implementation of the specialized Bone Grossing Table might bring corrections in the design of many details, including some usual customization. However, the main principle of a significantly larger durable working space with enhanced ventilation will remain.

The general concept of a specialized grossing table is presented in the article “Specialized Grossing Stations in Surgical Pathology” at the link “Equiment, Instruments, Gagets.”

1. Campbell T., Dimenstein I.: Bone Grossing Table. Poster Abstract. Journal of Histotechnology 2008; 31: 200 (abstract).

See also at TBJ Inc. website.

Poster at  36tj NSH's Convention in Pittsbugh in 2008

Poster at 36tj NSH’s Convention in Pittsbugh in 2008










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  1. maria giralt says:

    Good morning.
    I would like to know the price of the Bone Grossing Table.
    Thank you very much

    • izakd says:

      I do not know the price of Bone Grossing Table. Please, contact the manufacturer TBJ Incorporated. Their website is the in sponsors column. Just in case, their phone is (717) 261-9700.
      As far as I know, now the Bone Grossing Table is used in also as a table for large and smelly specimens, as well as for specimen disposal when formalin is discarded from containers due to enhanced ventilation and larger surface of the table.

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