Bone Grossing Table (BGT)

TBJ Incorporated (www. developed a Bone Grossing Table (BGT) which was demonstrated at 34th National Society for Histotechnology (NSH) Convention in 2008 (1). The TBJ Incorporated website (www. presents it at the link Backdraft Workstations – Single User Necroscopy/ Grossing Stations 30-72-S BD-BGT Bone Grossing Table.

Figure 1 demonstrates TBJ’s Bone Grossing Table. It looks as a regular grossing dissection station at the first sight . It is Simple, Effective, and Affordable.

Figure 1. TBJ Inc. Bone Grossing Table


The general concept of a specialized grossing table is presented in our book Grossing Bones: Principles, Techniques, and Instruments (  The subject is  discussed  in detail.










1. Campbell T., Dimenstein I.: Bone Grossing Table. Poster Abstract. Journal of Histotechnology 2008; 31: 200 (abstract).

See also at TBJ Inc. website.

Poster at  36tj NSH's Convention in Pittsbugh in 2008

Poster at 34th NSH’s Convention in Pittsburgh in 2008










2 Responses to Bone Grossing Table (BGT)

  1. maria giralt says:

    Good morning.
    I would like to know the price of the Bone Grossing Table.
    Thank you very much

    • izakd says:

      I do not know the price of Bone Grossing Table. Please, contact the manufacturer TBJ Incorporated. Their website is the in sponsors column. Just in case, their phone is (717) 261-9700.
      As far as I know, now the Bone Grossing Table is used in also as a table for large and smelly specimens, as well as for specimen disposal when formalin is discarded from containers due to enhanced ventilation and larger surface of the table.

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