Bone Cutting Support Gadget

A slightly modified The Davidson Marking System wood holding tray can be used for support while bone cutting. Almost every bone configuration can be adjusted to the existing holes and carved grooves for a firm grasp of the bone. Some Tub Treads (Rubbermaid) are applied to the bottom of the holding tray that prevents it from sliding while cutting. The stand allows the technologist to wield different kind of handsaws, as well as a Striker type oscillatory saw. The pegs are helpful in navigating the saw especially when the cutting must be precise. The stand is employed for all types of bone cuts including facial bones. The stand is both easy to clean and it is portable. This is important because it can be used on a standard grossing table station near water and ventilation. The latter is especially significant in minimizing the inhalation of bone dust. This gadget has significant advantages over the bulky, inflexible metallic devices that are offered by the industry. If manufacturers would modify The Davidson Marking System or OCT holding trays with additional holes and grooves of varying size and shape this convenient handy gadget would become standard equipment on every grossing room table.

Scars after numerous sawing


Details on bone support gadgets and other immobilization devices in our book Grossing Bones: Principles, Techniques, and Instruments (2017



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