A Gadget for Filtration Small Specimens

There are situations in surgical pathology when a very small specimen is placed in a disproportional large volume of fluid, fixative for instance. Only filtration directly in the cassette is a reliable way to obtain the entire tissue without any damage to it.
I use a self-made gadget that includes two plastic containers of different sizes in diameter, but of equal height. The internal container has two cutout sections in which to place the cassette. The external container, for example Try-Pour Beaker, supports the cassette lid and collects the excess of fluid. This device allows the grossing person to operate using both hands that increases the speed and quality of the procedure. There is a limit of fluid that can be filtrated due to the volume of the containers but the extra fluid can be discarded.

Although I use a diaper pad

in vast majority of filtrations, the gadget is useful for absolutely stable cassette in prolonged filtration of large volumes of fluid with very small specimen. If a moistened fragment of Kimberly-Clark TECNOL FLUIDSHIELD mask’s internal layer is placed in the cassette, the gadget makes the filtration fast and reliable,although the diaper pad works better in most cases.



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