Equipment Instruments Gadgets

Specialized Grossing Sation in Surgical Pathology

Bone Grossing Table (BGT)

Bone Cutting Support Gadget

A Stand for Amputated Extremities

Hard-pressed Packing Carton Gadgets

A Vise on the Grossing Table

MOPEC’s Dual Blade SawBones

Cafeteria Tray as a Cutting Board


Syringe-Catheter in Anatomical Pathology

A Gadget for Filtration Small Specimens

The Diaper Pad for Fitration in Surgical Pathology Laboratory

A Brush for Forceps Cleaning

Rocking Tamper for Embedding

Biopsy Inking Kit

Bouin’s Solution Soaked Sponge

The Applicator for Inking Biopsies

Cleaning Brush for Embedding Forceps

Filtration Kit for Surgical Pathology

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