This website provides useful information on different aspects of grossing technology in surgical pathology, with an emphasis on biopsies and small specimens. It was originally conceived as a venue for methodological experience exchange in 2002. However, the website has developed beyond grossing techniques and instruments. The website’s articles, which visitors can access depending on their current interests, discuss not only the how but also the why of the technology.

Materials on bone grossing are in more details in our book Grossing Bones: Principles, Techniques, and Instruments available now on  Dispersed on this website in separate entries, the book summarizes specific techniques applied on different bone specimens, including tumors. The decalcification section is more comprehensive and detail oriented.

The site presents “Grossing in Dermatopathology” manual. These materials include examples of actual specimens. The manual can be of interest to histotechnologists, pathologists’ assistants, pathology residents, pathologists, and perhaps dermatologists. Partially, these materials are presented in our book Dermatopathology Laboratory Techniques co-authored with Clifford Chapman.

In addition to the commonly accepted rules and official regulations, the Safety section presents some unconventional approaches derived from practice. Emphasis is made on personal responsibility in maintaining safety at the work place.

The Grossing Case Studies section provides an analysis of gross descriptions of actual pathologist’s reports. Without intruding in the pathologist’s diagnosis, the dissection of gross description intends to show how grossing can support or hinder the pathologist’s work in generating a high-quality diagnosis.

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) coding section is restructured. Our second website “Surgical Pathology CPT Coding is discontinued. The materials are presented in a summarized and extended form in the book Procedural Coding in Anatomic Pathology  (

The Laboratory Website section includes materials for building a laboratory methodology educational niche website. Our website may be taken as an example. Although the development of an educational website follows the building pattern of a regular informative website, a laboratory educational website has distinguished particularities. These materials are an appeal to professionals to share their valuable experience in the form of a niche website.

The website is redesigned to make easier comments and a productive discussion. There are many problems in surgical pathology grossing technology which ought to be discussed. Hopefully, this website will be used as an educational tool and will be interesting to a wide range of visitors, including but not limited to histotechnologists, pathologists’ assistants, pathology residents, and pathologists.

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